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Should I Buy Black or White Windows?

Should I Buy Black or White Windows?

While white windows have been a homeowner favorite for years, black windows are rapidly rising in popularity.

You may be deliberating if this replacement window style is worth adding to your residence, since styles can shift fast.

Here’s a pro guide that can help you choose whether you should install black or white windows in Bloomington, IN.

Why Are Black Windows so Popular?

Although black windows are a top trend for homes today, they aren’t a totally new style of window. They’ve been a staple in deluxe construction for a long time, as well as industrial buildings in the 1800s.

Here are a few reasons why this style of window is rising in popularity.

  • Makes an upscale look. Black windows match fashionable neutrals, like metallics, gray and white. They can either be distinctive or fit in, depending on your house’s architectural type and outside color.
  • Matches almost everything. If you use a different palette for your home’s living areas, black windows enhance an extensive variety of other colors also.
  • Brings a bigger part of the outdoors indoors. Black windows are frequently used for floor-to-ceiling windows or oversized sash windows. The most wanted styles have smaller frames, allowing you a wider view of nature.

Are Black Windows a Good Idea?

Black windows are a great fit for many residences. But here are a couple things to think about in advance of purchasing them.

Home Style and Color

Black windows are a suitable style for many house categories, including:

  • Farmhouse
  • Cottage
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Industrial

However, they may not match as well if your residence has a dark or earthy siding exterior. In that instance, white windows are a wiser choice.

You also might want to think about a more distinctive window frame color if your residence is red brick. That’s due to the fact black windows can get lost against that brick color.

If you live somewhere hot, white and other neutral colors can help keep your home at a lower temp. These shades don’t soak up heat as rapidly.

Window Material

Steel is the most popular style for black windows, but it’s also the highest priced. For a similar style, you can buy fiberglass windows.

If you don’t have a large budget for your replacement windows, aluminum-clad wood windows or vinyl windows are a great alternative. Can’t decide which material is best for your house? Take a look at our pro guide going over the pluses of vinyl vs. wood windows.

Curtains, Shades or Blinds

Black windows look best when they’re uncovered. But that isn’t possible, especially when you’re looking for added privacy.

Black blinds on black windows may look too austere in your residence, so you may be required to consider made-to-order drapes or shades for a seamless fit and look.

You can also make choosing window treatments much easier by integrating our between-the-glass blinds and shades to your new windows. These classic integrated window treatments are safe from dust, damage and small hands. And they can be used with Pella Insynctive® smart home technology, which allows you to monitor and control your shades from nearly anyplace.1

Interior Colors

You should consider if black windows match with the color scheme used in your residence. This makes them appear their best. If it’s not repeated, your windows might be too prominent.

Begin Your Window Replacement Project with Pella of Bloomington, IN

At Pella of Bloomington, IN, our pros want to make replacing your windows uncomplicated. From helping put together your project to offering our special no-mess, no-guess installation day. Call us at 812-333-6371 or contact us online to start the process now.

-- 1 Requires connection to a compatible home automation system and smart device.

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